Dakota Wood Design, Creating a Look of Distinction

Detailed cabinets, one-of-a-kind kitchens, distinctive bars - these are only a few of the projects that make Dakota Wood Design the top choice of discerning home builders and home owners around the Twin Cities.

Doug Zellmer and Keith Gilmore, owners of Dakota Wood Design in Farmington, pride themselves on creating unique custom cabinetry ranging from a single piece to all of the cabinetry for high-end residential homes.  Their work  is featured both in new construction and remodeling projects, in addition to retail and commercial offices spaces.

In business together since 1988, Keith and Doug have been around the sounds and smells of woodworking all their adult lives.  They both enjoy the challenge and creativity involved in crafting pieces of raw lumber into beautiful one-of-a-kind fixtures that help make a house a home.

Their experience and love for the craft gives them the versatility to work either with someone else's plans or create their own designs.  They work with any species of wood,  although Oak, Maple and Cherry remain the most popular,  and they handle all aspects of a project from selecting the cuts of lumbar to staining and installing the finished products.  "No two jobs are ever the same and that's what keeps work interesting," says Doug.  "Bars and entertainment centers are especially fun because of the creativity and challenge involved."

Why Choose Dakota Wood Design?

"Customers say they appreciate our responsiveness to their needs and the quality of our work," Keith explains.  "People don't want cookie-cutter cabinets or the same furniture that everyone else has.  They want good-looking, unique pieces that add to the quality and value of their home." 

Doug and Keith's favorite part of any job is installing the new cabinets, built-ins and furniture.  "It's a great feeling when everything comes together, fits right and looks amazing," Doug said.  "And when you see the homeowner's reaction, it makes everything worthwhile."

For more information about Dakota Wood Design, contact Keith or Doug at 651-463-4004.